Faces of Public Transit

People ride the bus for a range of reasons—to save money, to eliminate parking hassles, to create more time for reading or studying during the commute, and to help the environment by using less gas—to name a few. And, some rely on public transit because they don’t own a car, or their family has only one car and multiple people who need to get somewhere.

For all these reasons and more, the Lawrence Transit System is an important link to the community and provides a valuable service.

A project called ‘Faces of Public Transit’ shares the stories of some of the bus riders who comprise the more than 3 million trips taken on Lawrence and KU buses each year. We invite you to meet a few of our riders and learn why the bus is important to them.

David Aber > View Poster

I began riding the bus every day after a medical condition kept me from driving. I am now able to drive again, but I prefer to take the bus to work and even ride the bus on my days off.

John Augusto > View Poster

I am a strong transit supporter. I regularly use alternative transportation, including busing and biking.

Billy Baker > View Poster

The paratransit is a life saver. They fully understand what we need for Billy, and they are amazing at what they do.

Michelle Berendsen > View Poster

I usually ride the bus to work with my bike and then bike home. I also ride the bus to main campus from the Lied Center, during the day, for meetings or to have lunch with friends.

Juliana Birdling > View Poster

I have been riding the bus for over 14 years now. I take most all the routes for my family routines. Best of all is the opportunity of meeting wonderful people who I wouldn't have met if I was not taking the bus.

Marita Costavalo Nelson > View Poster

We ride to my younger son's pre-school. I like talking with my boy and looking around at the different neighborhoods. My favorite part is the sensation of being free and not worried about driving.

Alonzo Cunningham > View Poster

Driving the bus provides an opportunity to serve the community. I get to meet and have conversations with people I otherwise would not have the pleasure of knowing.

Shawn Curtis > View Poster

The most positive thing being a driver for Lawrence Transit is impacting my passengers' lives by making sure they get a smile and hello, which might brighten their day.

Lance Fahy > View Poster

I am unable to drive due to visual impairment. The bus allows me to travel safely and independently.

Erica Geist > View Poster

I was a little intimidated by the bus system at first, but the bus drivers really helped me out!

Anthony Gradert > View Poster

While the majority of people are driving and have to pay attention to the traffic, I get to kick back and enjoy the ride!

Sarah Galyon > View Poster

We are a one car family with both adults working and two children. No matter where I need to go, the T gets me there!

Wilma Gates > View Poster

I've got friends I can count on, but sometimes their car might be broken down, so I learned how to catch the bus.

Taylor Hamby > View Poster

During the summer, I babysat a 3-year-old boy. We used the T to go around town and do fun things. If it wasn't for the bus, we would not have been able to go anywhere. The bus was the favorite part of my summer!

Jacob Horton > View Poster

Without the bus, I wouldn't be able to get to the place where I get my education, the place where I get my food, and I wouldn't have met any of the kind, caring, and sweet people that I have met on the bus.

Ilka > View Poster

I love the sense of freedom and independence, and the fact that it allows me to have an enjoyable life in Lawrence without having to own a car.

James Kaberline > View Poster

Working at Lawrence Transit has been the most fulfilling job of my life. The best part of my job is meeting new people and helping them learn how to navigate our transit system.

Zach Kelsay > View Poster

I ride public transit because I don't like driving in traffic, or spending money on gas. Public transit helps me save money and allows me to do homework while I'm riding home, plus I can put my bike on the bus.

Avery Koerner > View Poster

I ride the bus to school at the University of Kansas as well as to work. It saves me hundreds of dollars each semester, since I don’t have to pay for a parking pass.

Johnny Lyons > View Poster

I ride the Five. Partly circumstance, more a choice now. I ride five days a week, unless the weather turns foul, out to work in East Hills Park and then back to home.

Melissa Monroe > View Poster

Both the employees and other riders have made my family and me feel welcome on the bus. We aren't a bother or second class citizens, but part of a family.

Beverly Mumford > View Poster

I ride to work, run errands, and visit family. I ride the bus to anywhere I need to go and sometimes my great-grandson and I just ride for fun.

Eric Ogwangi > View Poster

Riding the bus helps me connect with people in my community. And it is a reminder that I need to be in the forefront in protecting the environment.

Austin Pierce > View Poster

I drive to provide freedom and independence in the community. My passengers rely on me to give safe and on-time transportation for a daily living.

Megan Phelps > View Poster

Riding the bus is just part of my day. It's an easy way to get to work. I like reading on the bus. It's not a long ride to get to work, but enough time to read an article or a book chapter.

Susie & Kevin Rice > View Poster

When Kevin retired, we realized we could save a lot of money by not owning a car any longer. We can get wherever we need to go by riding the bus.

Jamie Stallings > View Poster

I love riding the bus as much as I need it for daily use. If there were no buses for me to use, then I would be in financial debt, making it harder for my husband and I to make ends meet.

Julian T > View Poster

I like riding the bus because I like being able to get where I want to go. I can even take my bike with me so my transportation possibilities are endless!

Jim Tramba > View Poster

Alice Leonard is one of my regular customers. It's a delight to drive her around, whether I'm taking her to the Community Mercantile for shopping or to the Community Building for a workout.

Carrie Wallace > View Poster

My husband and I have two young children and one car. Luckily, there are two bus stops within 200 meters of our home, and we never have to wait more than half an hour for the next one.