Rider profile: Erick Ogwangi

Erick Ogwangi, along with his wife and two children, is part of a one-car family. When his wife takes their car to her job as a researcher at KU, Erick uses the bus to get around town with his son and daughter. They enjoy riding Route 6 to Sports Pavilion Lawrence a couple times a week to play basketball and get some exercise.

Erick works part-time for the Douglas County Health Department, where he is a facilitator for the Healthy Dads Healthy Families program. Most days, he is a stay-at-home dad for Jett, age 5, and Ivory, age 1. For the kids, the best thing about riding the bus is meeting new people and seeing the sights pass by as they look out the bus windows. Using alternative transportation helps Erick save money, reduce fuel consumption, and teach his children a useful life skill. “It helps me connect with people in my community,” he says. “And it is a reminder that I need to be in the forefront in protecting the environment.”

How long have you been riding the bus?
Going on two months now.

Which bus route(s) do you ride?
Routes 6, 11, 29, and 36.

Where do you ride?
We go to Rock Chalk Park, the Library, downtown, shopping at Dillon’s and Walmart, and I also ride the bus to work.

What is your favorite thing about riding the bus?
It saves me money and helps reduce our carbon footprints.

How do you benefit from using public transportation?
It saves me money, it is convenient in that it runs all day, and it helps me to live in a community that is less polluted.

How do your kids enjoy riding the bus?
They like it because they get to meet different people whenever we ride it and they get to sit in their own seats. And it takes them to places where they do fun things! They also enjoy the scenery through the windows while riding the bus.